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Subscription Plan

Meeting Your Needs

Meeting of Varied Needs.

At Laehub, we have introduced a range of subscription plans to meet the varied needs of our members who may be professional working adults, young working adults or students who may have a varied priorities in time and modules.
There are 5 subscription types to meet these demands: Quick & Easy, Basic , Prefessional, Premium Plus,Click Here to  Buy Now

Wide Coverage of Areas of Knowledge for Each Module

Each Module will consists of over 400 to 800 Aviation simulated exams questions. With special emphasis on popular exam questions for added practice.
These practice questions has been vetted and practiced by our inhouse practitioners for the actual exams.
Those who do the LAEHUB practice has shown to have a high probability in the passing rates. Click here to Buy Now

Why LAEHUB over textbooks or ebooks?

Have all your files highly secured in 1 single location forever

LAEHUB is designed based on 4 basic principles for exam candidates.

  • Practice: There are well over 400 to 800 questions for the actual aviation exams that range between 25 to 90 questions. LAEHUB is designed for each practice exam question to pop up with at least 3 multiple choices that its answer till pop up once member user clicks on his choice answer. It is simulated and designed similar to the actual exams. Familiarity with LAEHUB will enable member user to perform at the actual exams. This methodology of ledarning is fast and efficient for the adult learner, as member user do not have to cross refer to listed answers as compared to the textbooks. Textbook use are tedious, not user friendly. Ebooks do not provide the user interface of exam practice like LAEHUB. Click here and Buy Now
  • Test : All answers are given at the end of each question that shows immediate performance of the member user whether thre answer is right or wrong. All tests questions test the candidates’ understanding of the topic and questions are designed and collated to cover the full range of required knowledge in the actual aviation exams for each module. Click here and Buy Now
  • Reinforcement: The special feature of LAEHUB practice questions is the reinforcement of learning for member user by selected repeated questions that are popular in the actual Aviation exams. This special reinforcement learning helps the adult learner to recall the answers faster and easier. Click here and Buy Now
  • Analysis: In this subscription plan for each module, at the end of each test, a tabulated auto analysis will be provide for member user. This feature has advantages in learning, as member user can see from the analysis, his strength and weakness, and his gaps in knowledge and learning. These features can only be found in LAEHUB and not in textbooks or ebooks. Click here and Buy Now
  • Mobile/On the Go: With LAEHUB, member user can get access to practice modules anytime anywhere, on latops or in mobile. This will be best for adults and professional who need to make the most of his little time he has to prepare for his exams amidst the pressures of time and work. Click here and Buy Now

Choosing What suits You.

The below are some advice on how you ought to choose the subscription plans. The most recommended plan for adults who wants to ensure passing of actual modules for at least 2 attempts of each module, with most time to prepare and practice,the Premium II would be most appropriate.
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Quick & Easy Plan


Basic or Pro Plan

Premium Plus Plan

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