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What if I forget my password?
Answer: You can reset your password via email .Go to this link

What if I fail my SAR66 EXAMS module?
Answer: If you have joined LAEHUB as our exclusive member and had subscribed to LAEHUB EXAMS ERIES module and had sat for the related exams within1 month and failed, you may be able to appeal to retake the related module at LAEHUB at a special discount. This is provided if member sends in the official exams results within a week of notification, LAEHUB will consider on a case by case basis. This special privilege is granted to LAEHUB exclusive members only.

How can I contact LAEHUB for any technical or customer related queries?
Answer:You can contact LAEHUB 24/7 at the customer service email, which is made available to you at the websiten

Can I give my password to my friends?
Answer: No. As each member access is confidential and exclusive to each member. LAEHUB membership exclusiveness cannot be compromised.

Will the modules have enough exams questions for me to practice?
Answer: Yes. Each module of LAEHUB consists of a wide coverage of different areas of knowledge required by SAR 66 Exams. There are over 400 to 800 questions for each module.

Will LAEHUB questions be the same as the actua, SAR 66 EXAMS questions?
Answer: No.LAEHUB Exam Series on which you practice, are NOT equal to actual SAR66 questions. The questions are designed to augment your studies and provide you with an opportunity to try out your knowledge and get some feedback, before you sit the SAR66 examination

Does E-Learning in LAEHUB  helps to prepare for SAR66 ? 
Answer: Yes. The e-learning of LAEHUB is focused on helping aviation professionals prepare for the learning of SAR66 exams. Thus, as part of a total learning approach, e-learning from LAEHUB improves the understanding of topics examined in SAR66. The simulated questions in LAEHUB prepares the aviation professionals  in the aviation industry for the actual exams experience. Again, as an independent E-Learning Portal, LAEHUB is notkrelated or associated to any group or organisation. LAEHUB only helps professionals to better prepare for the exams.

Is LAEHUB information or modules related or associated to Aviation organisations?
Answer: LAEHUB is a wholly independent entity. LAEHUB is not affiliated with any entities, companies, bodies or authorities or regulator.  LAEHUB aims to capture information that might be helpful to members.

Does LAEHUB bear any responsibility of my exams outcome?
Answer: No. LAEHUB does not bear any responsibility for any member exams outcomes.

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