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LAE HUB vision 

Our vision is multifold fold.

Firstly, LAEHUB is created with the professional working adult in mind who are striving toward a successful professional career in both commercial aviation and students who are in schools and aviation institutions. We understand the competition at the workplace and the need for the job security and the need for the greater success of professionals. We have in mind professionals and working adults who hope to advance themselves in creating the better career path for themselves. Thus, the LAEHUB vision is to provide opportunities for you to further your career and future irrespective of which stage you are currently at. Learning to achieve toward another stage of knowledge and information will be of certain to give greater certainty in a fast changing world with great competition each day.

  • Career Advancement

For the Adult Professional who are in their mid-career who are aiming to further advancement in a diverse field of aviation practice and science, LAEHUB Exam Series offers the needed practice for the actual SAR66 exams.

  • Career Requirement

For working professionals already in the aviation industry the SAR66 Certification will most probably be a requirement in your job some time or another. Thus, starting now with LAEHUB Exams Series will prepare you in advance and in time as an asset now rather than later.

  • Career Affirmation

For Professionals who need a job security in a fast changing world with the ever increasing competition, the SAR66 exams with the LAEHUB exam practice will affirm your position and job security, as it is a sign of a desire to learn, and upgrade skills and not be an obsolete. It affirms a professional value of self-discipline in learning. In addition, workers with better and more relevant cortication are found to be less likely to be made redundant as corporations change and restructure in the aviation industry as it adapts to dynamic changes in the aviation landscape.

  • Professional Excellence

For the high achieving professional, this LAEHUB exam is a definite journey that you need to go through to further reinforce your knowledge, or find out gaps in certain areas.

  • Academic Requirement

For the students learning in schools and aviation institutions, LAEHUB is definitely created for you to practice and pass your exams.

  • Academic Excellence

For students wanting to get excellent results, we provide you the platform to Learn, Test, and Analyse your own progress and learning journey.

LAEHUB is created with the vision of reaching to as many aviation practioners, would-be practitioners and students, so they can get the most benefit and pass their SAR66 exams as much as possible and as best as possible. It is created with you as the end user in mind for you to short cut your journey of success in this area. We have also created subscription plans to meet the needs of wide range of members as much as possible.

We hope to play a part to equip every individual member with the exam skills to plan for their certification, fulfill their desired career path and achieve their career dreams.

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