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About Us


E-Portal With A Mission

LAEHUB is an online portal with a mission to help professionals, adults and students in  their pursuit of a successful career. LAE HUB provides members with modules of simulated exams questions focused on passing SARS66 Exams. LAE HUB is created to provide mobility to the adult learner who faces time and space challenges in the midst of their career demands.

LAE HUB Service

LAE HUB provides secure payment and uncompromised confidentiality of member information. LAE HUB also provides 24/7 email customer support service.

LAE HUB Promise

LAE HUB  provides our promise: Practice, Test, Analyses. These are the most elements in the methodology of learning. At LAE HUB, our members can be assured of the methodology of each module that will assist them in the learning process.

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